Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thinking Guidelines in Chess Tactics

   It was a busy summer for me as a coach, trainer and lecturer. Summer is usually the time for kids to rest, play and learn something new. Chess is one good activity to be involved in. Last May 8 to 9, I was invited to be one of the lecturers at Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation two-day chess clinic dubbed as “An Interaction with the Masters 2013” orAIM at the SM Megamal Event Centre in Mandaluyong City. There were around 200 participants. I was tasked to handle the intermediate level. Players from this level needs to hone their tactics. Usually, players hone their tactics by solving chess problems haphazardly . In my lecture, I have included the thinking guidelines that will help players in solving chess tactics. I have uploaded these lessons so you can use it in your chess study. The answers to the problems will be given in my next blog...

Thinking Guidelines in Tactics

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